Hey there, Rebels-

I hope you’re having a great week so far! We sure are feeling strong and recharged after our first Rebel Team Sweat at Soulcycle Ardmore! 

    If you haven’t heard of Soulcycle (I’m not sure how that’s possible, but just in case) don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed. Soulcycle is a revolutionary New York-based fitness brand that offers indoor cycling classes. Sounds easy, right? Now add the elements of upbeat music and… dancing. Soulcycle is like dancing on a bike - each cyclists movement is synchronized to the beat of the song playing, like a sweaty, speedy, choreographed bicycle ballet. In a dim studio, cyclists take instruction from the inspiring and magnetic instructors of Soulcycle, who host either generic or themed classes on a daily basis. If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely have to!

    Sure, this sounds like enough fun as it is… but imagine doing it with all your friends! We had the exciting privilege of filling the Soulcycle Ardmore studio with Rebels, all while celebrating the birthday of one of our fearless leaders, Erica Cipolloni!! (Feel free to wish her a happy birthday @erilynnee) Working out as a group is a great way to feel more comfortable in a new - and maybe a little intimidating - fitness environment. Our team had a great time cheering each other on, high-fiving, singing/dancing along, and celebrating our collective strength and resilience. 

    Our class was led by none other than the bad bitch fitness and inspiration icon herself, Alexis Rose. Alexis has a way of igniting a fire within every cyclist. She reminds the room that they are there for a reason, and they are capable of more than they could have imagined. The second you walk into that studio, she is your hype woman and your best friend. Alexis consistently reminded us to let go of whatever was weighing on our shoulders and be present in our workout. We highly recommend trying out classes with all Soulcycle instructors as they all present their own unique and challenging style, but let me tell you, Alexis Rose is a must. 

    Now there were a few first timers in the class (myself included), and admittedly Soulcycle can seem a little frightening at first. What is so great about these instructors is that they give you the time you need to breathe and recharge - in fact, they encourage riding at your own pace and pushing yourself to the best of your ability. They drive you to be the best YOU you can be. The candlelit room provides the comfort to listen to your body and experiment with your bikes resistance level without feeling exposed or like you have to keep up with the well-seasoned Soulcycler next to you. That is to say, if you’ve avoided Soulcycle this long because maybe you’re self conscious or nervous you won’t be able to keep up - don’t you worry. Everyone has to start somewhere! We were just like you once, and now we are stronger, more confident, and ready for our next class!!

    That’s all for now, Rebels. We hope you’re entering your weekend feeling as charged up and empowered as we are! 



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